Monday, July 18, 2011

Protecting New Homes From Termites

If you are constructing a home on a new site, there are some materials out on the market that you can use for preventative termite control. Begin by clearing all necessary wood and paper products (cardboard, newspaper,) and preferably burn what you do not use. Termites are particularly attracted to damp wood and fungus, but there are some timbers which are less attractive to termites.Wandoo, blackbutt, jam, jarrah, western red cedar and kapur are all considered "termite resistant" woods (no wood is truly termite resistant .) One can treat their wood for termites with creosote, which is best in multiple coats or soak for 48 hours.

Another good tip is to reinforce your door frames and roof tresses with stainless steel; additionally they make steel mesh that is too small for termites to pass through (also good for rodent control.) You can make a steel termite strip to shield between the foundation and the structure of your home, the best form of termite control is early prevention.

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